Vector Illustrations

Clean illustrations with (mathematically) perfectly smooth lines.
For the clean freak in all of us.

Images created using Adobe Illustrator.

  • Illustration of produce with wheels

    Produce Cars

    They are produce cars. Need I say more?
    apple, banana, carrot
    date, eggplant, fig
    grapes, honeydew, ?

  • Illustration and design tools including pencil, pens, stylus, tablet, and mouse

    My Tools

    The tools I use for illustration / design.
    Clockwise: mouse, stylus, Intuos Pro medium, mechanical pencil, Pigma Micron felt tip pens x 2, Pentel brush pen, kneaded eraser

  • Half of a boy's face and half a skull


    Vector version of a drawing done for Inktober 2017 with the keyword "Divided"

  • Man in glasses

    Man with Glasses

    Unused image for a client depicting an analyst for a website

  • Lucian in front of a house in flat 2.0 style

    Lucian House 2.0

    Trying out Flat 2.0 by mimicking an image found online