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Mr. Missile

In 2016 I worked with a friend to create a mobile game. He did all of the programming, and I did all of the art assets. We collaborated on all other aspects of the game.

"Mr. Missile" was released for Android and iOS where it was featured as a "New Indie Game" on the App Store and downloaded 60,000+ times.

In "Mr. Missile" the player helps a young girl and her robots save various cities and landmarks around the world from falling slime in gameplay reminiscent of the Atari classic "Missile Command."

The game was created using Unity 3d and all art assets were created in Photoshop.


Pre-Release Release

Command Mr. Missile to save the world!

Simply touch your screen to shoot slime before they consume buildings.
Protect cities on all seven continents.
Unlock landmarks and power-ups as you go.

Do you care about the world?
Prove it.

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Screenshot of NY Screenshot of Taipei Screenshot of Bharati Screenshot of Sydney Screenshot of World Map Screenshot of Unlocking a new Landmark Screenshot of a Prize Ticket Screenshot of the in-game Store